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Trip Report: Lake District 1st - 3rd November 2013

A group of 14 set off on Friday and, after stopping in Sandbach for some fish and chips, arrived at our cosy bunkhouse that evening. On the Saturday (2nd), we drove towards Langdale and set off with the intention of climbing England's staunchest foe, Scafell Pike. However, Mother Nature decided that was not to be and lashed us with the wet and wind that only the Lakes could. However, spirits undeterred (if a little soggy), we instead climbed another summit (near Scafell) and the weather (momentarily) subsided.

Trip Report: Snowdonia 4th-6th October 2013

Ten of us set off for Wales,
To do two of the scariest trails,

Saturday was a walk up Crib Goch,
Scrambling up the rock,

Two people turned back,
And went up the Pyg Track,

Tilly and I were with the BMC,
Having cake and tea,

Sunday another Arete,
Y Gribin can make some fret,

Especially in high winds and low cloud,
The walkers should be proud,

Tilly and I were again with the BMC,
Having cake and Tea,

Though we did venture outside,
Our training was applied,

Returning back,
Carrying our large rucksacks,

We went for Chinese,
For a meal that did most please.

Trip Report: Cornwall 7-9th June 2013

We went down one summery weekend to the land of pixies,
Stopping along the way in Western-Super-Mare for chips & fishes

Upon arriving after the sky had turned black,
We violently swung open the minibus back,

Out flew the roll mats all over the site,
To not be recovered that dark night,

We hunkered in our tents to rest our weary soul,
When Lucy and Becca managed to snap a tent pole,

The next day we then awoke,
A guy on horseback came to us and spoke,

“I’ve come to collect the money you owe”,
I paid for both nights lest he filled us with woe.

Trip Report: Dorset 31st May – 2nd June 2013

Eleven of us set off for South Dorset at about six, driving down via Weston-Super-Mare, where we stopped off for some award winning fish and chips.

We stayed near to Dorchester, and next to a field with some very cute goats! On Saturday, we walked along the Dorset coast path, stopping to admire Durdledoor, a natural limestone arch.

Cutting back to Lulworth Cove after lunch, we enjoyed ice cream and the sunshine on the pebbly beach.

Trip Report: Gower 24th – 27th May 2013

A group of nine travelled down to the Gower peninsula in South Wales on the Friday (stopping in Ross-on-Wye for fish and chips) and then staying at a campsite with great facilities.

On the Saturday, we went for a walk down to the beach, spending time at the beautiful Rhossili Bay, playing some Frisbee. We trundled on the South Wales coast path to a fantastic headland called Worm’s Head, where we encountered a vast number of rock pools and spotted a few seals. We headed back with a BBQ for tea.

Trip Report: Peak Distrist 19th May 2013

For this day trip we headed to Edale in the Dark Peaks which was about a 2 hour drive away.

The day was sunny and warm. A nice change to the trip of last week. We arrived in Edale at about 11am.

From Edale we started out just behind the Nag's Head and walked up Kinder Scout alongside Grinds Brook.

Upon reaching the top we trudged through the deep but unique peat mounds whilst heading over Crowden Head to the un-named fall just north, after which we headed due west through quite a deep bog to get back onto the Pennine Way and see Kinder Downfall.

Trip Report: Lake District 10-12th May 2013

We had an early-ish start at quarter to 6 to ensure we got to the Coniston Hall campsite by the 9pm deadline. We numbered 10.

The trip up indicated toward the weather we would be having for the entire weekend. Spots of sun, then cloud, then raid then low cloud and just a mixture of any of those.

Arriving slightly past 9pm, we set up our tents in a waterlogged field. Once done Myself and 2 others headed up Old Man of Coniston for a night walk, whilst the rest stayed at the campsite, socialised then went to bed.

Trip Report: Peak District 5th May 2013

Sixteen people went to the Peak District for this day trip. We headed to Longnor where we would walk up Chrome and Parkhouse hills.

We were met with heavy traffic on the way up, but that was to be expected for a bank holiday weekend. The sing-a-long in the bus made the queues bearable for most.

The day was filled with sunshine and clouds with members taking every opportunity to get some snapshots for our upcoming photo competition.

During the walk and at our lunch break we had an opportunity to play some frisbee which was quite strenuous given the high winds.

Trip Report Snowdonia - 8-10th March 2013

We left the Guild at the normal time on Friday, arrived at a bunkhouse that was quite luxurious as Wayfarer accommodations go. Heating that was too hot, bunk beds with pillows, wi-fi and a TV... it felt quite disconcerting and the consensus was that we should stick to camping barns.

Saturday morning we left to Dollgelau and split into 2 groups. One would go around Cadair Idris clockwise from the south car park and the other would go anti-clockwise with an extension, at a faster pace.

Trip Report - Dartmoor 15-17th February 2013

Leaving in the evening unexpectedly late,
But feeling talkative and great,
We drove to the South,
Only stopping to fill our mouth,
The usual fish and chip shop is where we ate,

Saturday in Dartmoor,
We gave the land a tour,
Cloudy weather,
Mud and dead heather,
In between each Tor.

Getting back at about 2,
Having a nap whilst skies were still blue,
Then deciding to make,
A meal out of pancake,
Though most only ate a few.

We went for beers at the East Dart Hotel,
Staying there for a small spell,
Drinking ales such as Dartmoor or Devon Dew,
Others with some cider brew,